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    SA Labs offers an array of microbiological and chemical services including EO, radiation and steam sterilization validations, sterility testing, quantitative bioburden and microbial assessments of medical devices, pharmaceutical preparations, water and fresh produce, also heterotrophic plate counts of water and other solutions for hemodialysis. SA Labs offers analytical services for sterile devices including EO Residuals and Endotoxin testing. SA Labs is ISO-17025:2017 accredited.

Medical Device Sterilization

Medical device sterilization support services are the cornerstone of our business at Sterility Assurance Laboratories, Inc. At SA Labs, we provide microbiological and chemical testing, sterilization validation and calibration services for the medical device sterilization, pharmaceutical and hospital central supply markets.

SA Labs develops and executes Medical Device Sterilization Validations as a service to medical device manufacturers and hospitals, including Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Validations, Radiation Sterilization Validations and Steam Sterilization Validations. As an adjunct to those processes, we offer an array of associated microbiological testing services including both BI and product sterility testing, bacteriostasis/fungistasis testing and quantitative bioburden assessments of medical devices and pharmaceuticals.


Analytical chemistry capabilities supporting medical device sterilization include ethylene oxide residuals testing of sterile devices, including both EO and ECH and also LAL based analyses of residual endotoxins in water, pharmaceuticals and extracts from sterile devices.

Product Category: Sterilization Services