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    SA Labs offers an array of microbiological and chemical services including EO, radiation and steam sterilization validations, sterility testing, quantitative bioburden and microbial assessments of medical devices, pharmaceutical preparations, water and fresh produce, also heterotrophic plate counts of water and other solutions for hemodialysis. SA Labs offers analytical services for sterile devices including EO Residuals and Endotoxin testing. SA Labs is ISO-17025:2017 accredited.

Ethylene Oxide Residuals

Ethylene Oxide Residuals (EO) and Ethylene Chlorohydrin Residuals (ECH) analyses are performed at SA Labs according to ANSI/AAMI/ISO-10993-7.  Our two Agilent Technologies® 6980 Gas Chromatographs are configured for either exhaustive extractions or simulated use extractions into water, depending on the client’s preference.

Analyses based on device sample item portions (SIPs), as determined on the basis of mass or area,  are a frequently requested option for Ethylene Oxide Residuals analyses.

EO Lab 513x350

Shown above: SAL Chromatography Lab

Insightful method development, diligent sample preparation, and a rigorous validation enables SA Labs to determine BOTH EO and ECH ethylene oxide residuals from a single extract of the sample.

Shown below: A chromatogram of the extract from a surgical sponge into water
The methanol peak is residual from the purge used to flush the auto-sampler syringe between samples.

EO Resid 513x350

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