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    SA Labs offers an array of microbiological and chemical services including EO, radiation and steam sterilization validations, sterility testing, quantitative bioburden and microbial assessments of medical devices, pharmaceutical preparations, water and fresh produce, also heterotrophic plate counts of water and other solutions for hemodialysis. SA Labs offers analytical services for sterile devices including EO Residuals and Endotoxin testing. SA Labs is ISO-17025:2017 accredited.

About SA Labs

Sterility Assurance Laboratories, Inc. (SA Labs) was established 2000 to support the sterile product testing needs of domestic medical device manufacturers with operations in Northern Mexico.  SA Labs currently supports customers worldwide with a team of associates that has many years of experience in healthcare manufacturing for Fortune 500 companies.

We offer microbiological and chemical testing services to industry specializing in the types of tests required to validate and confirm the sterility and safety of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and the various types of water that exist for “pharmaceutical purposes.”   This includes quantitative bioburden and microbial assessments, sterility testing of both sterile products and BIs, and residuals testing for EO sterilized products.

Other services we perform include bacterial and mold organism identifications.  We write and perform sterilization validations for EO, gamma, and steam sterilization processes, including annual revalidations for EO and steam and quarterly dose audits for radiation processes.

We are headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. SA Labs, Inc. is an FDA registered facility that also holds an ISO-17025:2017 Certificate of Registration.

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We offer fast turn-times on customized protocols with an outstanding history of customer service.